What to expect

To ensure that you’re provided a top quality professional house cleaning service, we would need to schedule a time to come out and walk through the home. Some pretty exciting news, we are now using 3 handmade products to clean your home! Anything we do not make is Green Seal certified, and our equipment is color-coded! The team NEVER re-uses scrub brushes or rags from house to house, and all the rags are color coded micro-fiber, so we don’t cross-contaminate from room to room. To learn more about our healthier cleaning philosophy, call us today at 407-901- 7411 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team.

Cleaning Services offered from Maid to be Green

At Maid to be Green, our primary concern is the well-being of your family. Our mission is to provide our customers with a sparkling clean home without dangerous chemical residues, and we integrate the philosophy of health and wellness into everything our teams do.

As part of a Regular Home Cleaning, our teams will:

Standard Tasks
– Remove cobwebs
– Dust windowsills and decorative items
– Dust wall hangings and furniture
– Dust blinds and ceiling fans
– General tidying
– Vacuum and or mopping all floors
– Clean & sanitize outside all appliances, large and small
– Clean and sanitize all counters and sink
– Clean and sanitize stove top
– Clean microwave interior
– Dust and spot clean cabinet exteriors
– Hand wipe table and chairs
– Hand wipe small appliances
– Vacuum and mop floor
– Clean & sanitize shower and tub enclosure
– Clean and sanitize all counters and sink- Clean and sanitize toilet
– Clean and shine mirrors and fixtures
– Fold towels
– Vacuum floor
– Mop floors
Extra Touches
– Empty wastebaskets
– Place trash in outside receptacle  (If applicable)
– Wash sliding glass doors, inside and out
(weather permitting)
– Vacuum family room furniture
– Wash window over sink
– Change sheets or make beds

When using Maid to be Green for the first time, you may receive some complimentary services to ensure that your home is sparkling when we leave. *These services may be at an additional cost when requested after your first clean.

For the deep cleaning service, our teams can:

– Wipe all woodwork
– Hand wipe all exposed baseboards
– Clean inside door frames
– Hand wipe all exposed windowsills
– Cabinet exteriors
–  Clean all paneling ie: Chair rails
– Clean interior windows
– Clean sliding glass doors
– Clean French doors
– Spot clean walls*
Special  Vacuum tasks
– Upholstered furniture
– Carpet edging
– Window blinds
– HVAC vent covers
– Clean underneath area rugs
– Clean underneath/behind light, movable furniture
*walls that are painted with FLAT paint are not able to be cleaned by us. Anything with a gloss is able to be attempted!  Depending on the stain, we may not be able to get it out.

Move out cleans

We take move out cleans very seriously! We work hard to make sure you home looks sparkling clean when we leave. We will try and restore as much to the original shine as we can.

Our basic move-in/move-out house cleaning session include some or all of the following based on the specific needs:


Tub and OR Shower: We scrub the soap scum and mold away! We do not spray “chemicals” to then walk away and wipe down, we scrub our shower walls since we do not use chemicals! We also leave a nice shine on the faucets*.  We do not leave out the sinks, toilets, mirrors, light fixtures or the baseboards! Cabinets are a primary focus, inside and the outside. Definitely can not leave out the floors. Once our teams are done, we will make sure to have the bathroom sanitized and fully ready for you to move your things inside!


This is where the real magic gets put into! Spending time with the Major Appliances is a must when doing a move out cleaning. Refrigerators require a lot of meticulous time, and depending on which type you have we may just tear it apart and clean every nook and cranny we can get to. Ovens are looked at very closely and are cleaned at length.  The kitchen sink is a huge focal point for the kitchen, and deserves to look its best the team does everything in their power to make sure of this. Cabinets are cleaned inside and out, and time is taken to remove any crumbs or smudges that may happen. Now for the fun stuff! Counter tops are cleaned and sanitized. Baseboards and floors are not to be overlooked.


Let’s talk about those blinds! In most move out or move in cleans, blinds can be easily overlooked. Personally, the team takes their time and cleans each Blind slat one by one if allowed*. We do not forget to clean behind the blinds, making sure the window sill and window is as spotless as we can leave them. Celing fans are always dusted and cleaned with our super awesome extension duster, and when needed we bring along our 3 step ladder to reach everything and remove all the dust.  Baseboards are absolutely not left out of being hand wiped and cleaned! To finish off the look, your floors are swept and mopped or vacuumed.

Please do not forget, we are a all natural company. Maid to be Green is proud of not using the heavy chemicals. Customer may change cleaning options based on budget and time frame. Please understand that we sometimes can not restore the home to it’s original shine depending on age. If your home has the mini blinds, we can not deep clean the blinds like a faux wood, or plantation shutters.

*Please note we can not always restore to perfect clean condition after years of neglect. 



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