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First off, lets just say how hard it is to be a human! Be a nice person, make sure you eat your veggies, don’t do this, don’t do that….

We have SO many rules! Now I am talking smack about laundry soaps and fragrances? Well, I am here to help in detoxing your home.

Let me introduce myself. My name is April N. Babb. I started Maid to be Green cleaning service. I am a mother of 4 awesome children and have a passion for life. I just want to make it better! I was tired of so many commercials trying to sell us on TV, so I stopped cable, that was about 7 years ago for me. I stopped buying as much fast food, eating so many sweets and then stopped buying so much unnecessary items for my home. I almost started in a minimalist lifestyle. Then, my spouse and I started working together and I found myself as a Social Media Manager. So, Facebook and Pintrest came around to me and I was addicted to making things and reading articles. I had a serious craving for learning new things, I taught myself to cook with the help of my family and You-Tube. I also found myself reading about cleaning products and air fresheners. I started finding out all the lies that the big corporations are telling us. I learned so much in a short time, and it made me angry! The more I read, the more I shared with my family and friends. I am slowly changing my friends one by one…


Now that we have that out of the way, lets answer some questions about laundry soaps!

I go off this website ALOT: www.ewg.org   They give a rating system from A to F. This was a guide for me in my awaking for products and much more. I admire the fact the President and Co-Founder has been an active lobbyist for the past 20 years on environmental and public health.

I also LOVE www.gimmethegoodstuff.org  I love this company so much! What an amazing team. The founder Maia James, has a lifetime experience with natural living and is now sharing that with US!

So, with all the research I have done I tend to gravitate towards any free and clear laundry soap. Personally my favorite brand is Seventh Generation I use a bunch of Seventh Generation items, manly because Target sells them… and I LOVE Target! They run buy 3 get one free about once a month (heads up!).  NOT all Free and Clear is the same.


Just click on the pictures or the follow the blue links. I hope this helps and clears up so confusion about what to use or not use. This is how I started! Now, I am writing my own blog 🙂

Gimme the Good StuffEWG

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